Our goal at ShermanVision is to provide customized web solutions, and above all, personal service.

We provide a wide range of web services centered around your small business marketing and online needs. Some of the applications we’ve produced include:

  • Self-managed websites
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Basic corporate presence


ShermanVision offers four dimensions of web development that will make your site stand out above the crowd.

Custom Website Design

ShermanVision offers custom design services on several levels. We have designed and produced literally hundreds of unique, custom website designs for a variety of clients. We can create a custom design and integrate it into a CMS, or we can simply modify an off-the-shelf CMS theme to your specifications. You may find a theme that requires very little customization, or you may want a unique look all your own.

Content Management Systems Setup

In the old days we used to hand-code everything in HTML. Website management has come a long way since then. Now days, there is very little coding, if any, necessary. Your website is now built on a platform with all the coding under the hood. Design, content entry and other settings are all managed in an administrative interface. The most popular CMSs are Drupal and WordPress.

E-commerce & Shopping Cart Setup

ShermanVision has been providing e-commerce solutions for more than a dozen years. Most recently we have developed systems for membership subscription and event registration. Secure membership access, event management, shipping, tax collection and secure credit card transactions are all managed through the administrative interface.

Animation & Interactivity

Animated billboards and other cool features will help give your site a strong visual impact. We specialize in providing motion graphics and user-engaging features. We have designed and developed many unique, dynamic components such as interactive maps, timelines and slideshows. We also offer animated video services.

Website Features

When you hire ShermanVision to design and build your website, you get any number of these great features and more.


WordPress and Drupal are the two most popular, freely available content management systems. If you want a site that is great looking and easy to manage, you will want WordPress. If your site is very specialized and needs significant customization, Drupal is a more robust solution.

CMS Themes

It is amazing what you can buy off-the-shelf and customize for your very own. Themes can be purchased for about $65 and come with most of the these features built in. You only need to supply your own logo, photography and design elements. This site was built using a theme.

Responsive Design

Responsive design is the concept of designing your website so that it "responds" to different sized devices (i.e. desktop, tablet, mobile, etc.). This is to prevent the annoying issue of pinching and scrolling on mobile device browsers. Google now uses responsiveness as a metric for placement in search results.

Page Builder

Most off-the-shelf CMS themes come with advanced page layout tools that allow you to add interface features, like this one, to your webpage with drag-and-drop ease, giving you incredible power over the look of your site. These features include callouts, images, sliders and much more.

One-page Sites

Popular now are one-page sites for ease of use and maintenance. One-page sites are not for everyone, but can fulfill a nitch where simplicity is desired.


Managing an online store has never been easier. ShermanVision can get you up an running in as little as a few hours! Whether it be products, downloads, event tickets, or subscriptions, we’ve got you covered.


Your content will be completely searchable, so your users will be able to find what they’re looking for in a flash.


Gone are the days when you could only choose from Times, Arial or Verdana for your website fonts. Now you can choose from hundreds! Most themes allow you to select different fonts for headers and and body text if you choose.


Contact forms, surveys and mailing lists are just a few examples of the forms you may want on your site. You can build and manage them with ease using the tools that will come with your site.


When you have a lot of content to manage, mega-menus are a great way to make it easy for users to access it.

Search Engine Optimization

Studies show that most people only look through the first few listings to find the answers to their queries. Your site will include tools to make it search engine friendly. We can also recommend professionals with proven results to boost your site even higher.


If you have artwork or media to display, you can organize and publish it with ease using the tools included in your theme.

Analytics and Reporting

Keep track of your site statistics. Google Analytics will keep track of site visitors, and there are other tools that will keep track of sales and more.


Do you have members-only content? Your site can provide member registration and house articles and documents that only members will be able to securely access.


People browsing your site with assistive devices, such as screen readers, will benefit from the ease of use built into it. Most themes are WAI-ARIA compliant, making your site available to the widest possible audience.

Social Sharing

Share your content on your social networks. Sharing your content will increase your exposure to Google and affect your search rankings.

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